Subwoofer with XLR I/O

Could you guys help me find a sub in the under 700-2K used that use XLR I/O? I dont know of many off hand. Thanks!
The Martin Logan Descent has a LFE input (Low Frequency Effects) with either an XLR or RCA connection available. All the other ins/outs are RCA. You can see a copy of the Owner's manual showing these connections on the ML website.
Revel b-15 or b-15a. Used around 1500-2000. Love mine.
Adam Reynolds
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REL Brittania B1 has both XLR and RCA LFE inputs...I own one and love it
Revel Ultima Sub30 has both balanced and unbalanced inputs/outputs as well as 3-band parametric EQ that really helps in dialing things in. Incredible sub!
Axiom has one for just over 1000