Subwoofer with Floorstanding Speakers?

Still enjoying my Sonus Faber Olympica Nova Vs in our den where I mostly listen to jazz. However…I had a nostalgic experience tonight and streamed up some Def Leppard and cranked it LOUD.  With this kind of rock, I am missing a little of the bass I remember from my school days. Got me thinking, how many of y’all are running a subwoofer in your stereo setup with floorstanding speakers?  What do you think?  Any issues with sound distortion?  


Yes. Subs are great. Adds that visceral feel that’s difficult to achieve with speakers alone, even bigguns. 

You need to seriously ask how you are going to integrate subs with those and your room.

Yes, tons of issues can crop up, and distortion is just one of them.  I wrote about a few things to think about before you commit.  Still, a well integrated amp is glorious


Bigtex, I have been running the Nova III’s for a few months now and they have about 500 hours on them. And I gotta say I have been impressed on some recordings of how much bass these things pump out. I will say that when they were breaking in, I switched L for R and now have the rear vents facing inward and that was part of the improvement. My room is approx. 16 wide by 28 deep plus hallways and kitchen. I do have a sub but not used on 2 channel. I really wanted the V’s but these stretched the budget as it was. 

I have never used the sub on 2 channel but have considered experimenting, I would be curious what results you get. Please let me know.



You have to get the right sub. For example you may want to avoid home theatre subs (like ported subs). You may want to avoid slow subwoofers that stuggle to stay fast enough for matching speakers. You may not want subwoofers that don’t have enough connections or controls to match your electronics and speakers. You may also want a servo subwoofer which is a fast amplifier and signal sensing system. Also don’t over power the room with the wrong subwoofer. I chose Rythmik subwoofers F12 SE for my Vandersteen speakers. The amp I have is a Parasound and it has RCA outputs (variable) for the subs. I had full control to blend the low freqs. I have REW but have not used it.

I have four subs (3 Rel + 1 SVS) that supplement my floorstanders (Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grande). Adding the subs is the best thing I have done in many years to improve my listening experience.