subwoofer, Vandersteen 2Wq tolerance

With multiple stereo and HT systems, I have multiple subwoofers.  The odd man out became the Vandersteen 2Wq sub, not because it doesn't sound great (it surely does), but I upgraded to a REL B-1 in my primary system as I like being able to use that with my stereo and HTS. 
In yet another stereo system, that sub has crapped out, a Velodyne FSR12, that isn't worth fixing.  I was connecting this one using an Outlaw Audio bluetooth connection rather than hard sub interconnect (the sub is too far away from the stereo amplifier).  This was working fine until the Velodyne died (I've had it for over 20 years, so got my money's worth).  The thing I was always uneasy with was when I turned off the amplifier (not the one in the sub) there would be this "thud" sound.
So, I'm thinking this may be a bad idea to replace the dead Velodyne with the Vandersteen (even though I'm not currently using the Vandersteen (I don't want to kill it either).  I'm losing the better benefits of the Vandersteen 2Wq like reading the amplifier impedance and those expensive filters that I bought for a different amp to integrate so nicely.
The Vandersteen does not have a power switch and I'm worried I'll hurt it every time I turn the system off.  Any thoughts?  
If you are talking about switching the main system on and off while the Vandy sub is plugged in (ON), don't worry. Won't hurt a thing. I do this all the time.
I rather doubt you would damage the Vandy subs, but when in doubt call Mr. V. and get his take on this.
After leaving a voice message, I usually got a call back the following day.
Thanks for the encouraging info.  I did leave a message for Richard V. so I'll see if he confirms all is OK.  
I can't see why this wouldn't be ok. The reason most companies make equipment without a power switch is the general idea of leaving it on all the time, as in the case of the 2Wq. When you switch your main system on or off, does the sub emit any transient noises? If not, there is definitely no problem. The only time the woofer emits any noise is when you unplug the internal power amp of the sub, which emits a light "thump" after about 30 seconds.

Bob. While Richard Vandersteen will answer just about any question about his speakers, he's not into "hand holding" with customers as I and others have found out. Just sayin'... :-)
Richard says this wont work at all.  He says "This will not work as the high-pass must be used and the 2Wq must be driven by the same amp driving the main speakers".  So the bluetooth connection to the amp is the problem.
I was assuming you were using the 2Wq with the filters as Richard mentioned. As he said, you can't just use any kind of standard sub out connection without the filters and main system amp to the subs amp.
I have filters, the VDS 200K X-2's, but they were for a Moscode 600 amp, not my Hafler 200.  i guess they would be pretty ineffective for a bluetooth connection.