Subwoofer that can blend with Wilson Sophias?

Hi there. I just scored a pair of Wilson Sophias and am looking for a sub(s) to mate with them.

I have access to a pair of Entec LF-20's but am unsure of the longterm reliability and due to the servo when the amps go THEY GO.

Still they would be inexpensive but I am unsure of the level of output they can deliver.

I want a sub(s) that can be exceptionally musical with the sophias but also pound pretty good when called to.

I have changed my views on my HI-FI. One great system that plays loud enough. and I am going to put together a Infinity Kappa and Adcom system for rocking the house.

So extreme output isnt neccessary but I would like to blast it pretty good here and there.
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I would go with one of the bigger REL "S" series, Stadium or Stentor; Studio is even better. They will operate under the range of the Sofia and not interfere with their sound at all. I use a pair of the Stadium with speakers with some similarities to the Wilson. On the other hand a really good , powerful. probably SS, amp may make the subs unnecessary.
I paired a Martin Logan Depth i with Sophia IIs. The sound was very musical and the Depth i was quick enough to keep up with the Sophia's.
I have 2 WatchDog subs. You can usually pick them up reasonably second-hand

That sounds like good living

My dream would be a pair of watch dogs. One day I'll make it there I'm sure