Subwoofer Suggestion

Hi guys I need your suggestion regarding subwoofers. My system is composed of Focal Kanta 3, Kanta center, 706BK it would be used 50/50 for music and HT. My room size would be 13m by 4m by 3(Length,width,height). Would it be better to go for dual pb1000/sb1000 or single sb3000 or single pb2000 or single PSA S1500?
What about HSU subwoofers? Reading the fine print on their webpage they ship outside of the US and take PayPal and wire transfer (etc.), but some coordination needs to be done before the purchase by contacting them directly.

If under $1500 you could purchase two 12” VTF-2s + shipping or one 15” VTF-3 + shipping. Shipment will be from California. Ported and sealed mode for 50/50 music/movies if desired.
What about HSU subwoofers?
I can't risk buying in other countries even though it's cheaper there because there are occasions where the customs would charge as much as 30% of the srp.
Either the largest HSU Research subs or El Pipo from the DIY plans available free in the web