Subwoofer Set Up

My room is 17L x 12W x 8.7H. I was thinking to go with 2 channel set up. Monitors plus 12" Sub. Should I go with two
10" Subwoofers and what is the best Sub position. So far the
best bass response comes from front right corner. Thanks
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Bob and I totally disagree on this, he comes from a HT perspective while I am oriented toward audio. There are several subs that will work, I use REL and Hsu. The larger subs will overpower your room, I have a pair that use 4 12" a side in a large cabinet and I don't use them in my room which is similar to yours except being twice as long. Two 10" subs will give you all the bass you need in a room your size. Or one 10" or 12" if they are good quality. I would start with one better one and add a second later rather than start with 2 cheaper ones if that was the choice. There are several other powered subs that I have not used that have good reputations.
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Bob and Stanwal, Thanks for response. I was thinking to go
with one REL B2, 10" and then to add another if necessary or I
should go with one B1, 12". I would really appreciate Yours
Two subs from the start. Check out Floyd Toole's comments on this area, in his book 'Sound Reproduction'
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Check out the research on sub placement by Welti, Toole et all at Harman International. With two subs, try placing them at the mid points of each side wall as a starter. Also read Dr Floyd Toole's lastest book where he spends many pages considering placement for constructive and deconstructive interferance to help reduce peaks and raise nulls.