Subwoofer recommendation for Maggie 1.6 QR

Looking for some sound advice on a subwoofer for my Maggies. I want to make sure that I get something that has been proven and works well too. The Maggies sound excellent but I believe they will sound even better with a good subwoofer.
You may want to consider the Tycus from Art of Sound. Very fast and detailed.
Your Maggies will sound better, for sure, with a sub. I shopped, listened, compared may subs and wound up with the Sunfire Architectural sub. Designed for two channel listening. Front firing woofer. It's a crying shame you don't hear about this sub, enough, on the 'gon. Fast, tight, great extension, small, and very powerful. A jazzman's delight. They have the Architectural Signature, too. 12" rather than 10" woofer. Can be found nicely discounted. Lists for $1400. I love mine. happy hunting. warren
I have been very pleased with the REL Storm. Plays very well to the Maggie's strengths.
A pair of Vandersteen 2Wq subs. I currently use this with my MG 3.6R. If space is an issue, you may also consider the Definitive Tech Super Cube. I have heard this sub with the 1.6. Very close to the performance of the Vandersteen. Have fun experimenting...
If the room is small, I suggest the Velodyne SPL-800. Larger rooms go with the SPL-1000 or 1200. I tried many and the SPL's sounded and integrated the best. I wasn't surprised to see Magnapan uses a pair of SPL-800's in their surround muic system. I use a single with great results.
Good Luck,
I can second the REL Storm recommendation from Kinsekd. I use a REL Storm III and have been very pleased with the results. By the way, I run the MG 1.6 QR in full range and use the REL Storm III to augment from about 35hz and below. One great thing about the REL Storm III is that you can choose to run your main speakers in full range or restrict the low frequencies to the main speakers and ask the REL Storm III to handle all low frequencies.

Good luck.
I'm off to the research mode. Thanks kindly...............
i second (or third) the REL recommendation and want to add a few:

the rega vulcan sub (which is made by REL) will mate PERFECTLY as will the linn sizmik.

if price is no consideration, go with the sizmik. if so, look for a rel or vulcan. i had 1.6's for a while and used the vulcan. SEAMLESS transition.
I agree, I had a pair of 1.6s and used a Sunfire true sub signature with it with great results.I have upgraded to the 20.1s which do not need the sub.
Again...Rel and Sunfire...these are the only two subs I would consider if I had buddy has the 1.6s with a Rel Storm...and like many have said...they mate very well...the Sunfire is a little more aggressive sounding...but very tight and musical...either way...u will have a killer system..good luck...
Has anybody tried the HSU Research subs with a 1.6?
i have the psb 6i and the definitive technology sub 8 with my maggies.
they sound very very nice and tight
I had similar setup with 1.6s and I used 2 Martin Logan Dynamo subs. It gets you to 25Hz. This is the entry level sub of theirs. It integrates decently at low levels. Others in their line can get lower than 25Hz according to specs but I have not heard it.