Subwoofer recommendation for jazz and rock

I've got a simply setup with a pair of Sonus Faber Concertinos, and a Musical Fidelity A3.2 amp. Source is CD or my Thorens turntable.

I find that I have trouble hearing the bass parts in jazz trios, and that rock can use more... energy. What is a good recommendation for a sub, in keeping with the modesty of the rest of the system?

I'm interested in the REL, especially the T-0. Would this integrate well? Also, below is a photo of the rear of my amp- how can I connect a subwoofer?

Hello Adnan,What is the size of your room?How loud do you listen? You will get many good folks opinions .You may do well to also check the archives, as there is much info concerning subwoofers.The archives are a wealth of info ,previous discussions .Good luck finding a great match for your system.
(1) The subwoofer is connected via long run RCA terminated ICs from the preamp outs on the integrated and plugged into the active subwoofer amp matched inputs.

(2) as far as sonic signature goes,many quality build subs will perform yeoman services. REL is just one brand in a "pick 'em" arena.

The main consideration that I and my cronies have experienced is to pick a quality build in the $1500+ price strata for 2 channel integration , but buy it used for a considerable cost saving.

The cheap subwoofer kit invariably can slide into wooly and boominess that can weather through the booms and crashes for HT soundtrack but is a sensitive irritant for 2 channel.

I have two subs - one for HT and one for 2 channel.

I was recommended to scope out the VANDERSTEEN 2Wq sub after the usual REL, B&W, LINN, and lengthy parade of contenders and pretenders.

My dealer recommended it, I auditioned it, I then compared it in an A-B inhouse shoot-out audition and I bought the VANDY for its superior performance.....FWIW....

check out the review: VANDERSTEEN 2WQ sub ....highly recommended

REL is the best sub period. It will integrate well w/ your existing system- no problem. Demo the various models to find the right fit for your ears!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I was in the same situation a little over a month ago. I purchased a pair of SVS SB13 Ultra subs. The other sub I recommend trying is the Rythmik Audio F15HP.
The REL system of "high level" input presents an extremely high impedance signal to the speaker jacks of your amp (i.e. the amp doesn't feel much or any speaker load from the REL) which is unusual but works well…and doesn't require long RCAs, just a single speaker wire utilizing 3 conductors to a Speakon plug). A few years ago I bought a Q150e for 200 bucks used (needed a grill…meh…) and it's an amazing thing that provides all the bass I need in my medium large room…I also am a jazz freak and the REL can really charge a room with an appropriate level of lows that simply make the whole sound feel far more realistic.
I also have the REL Q105E and it is amazing. You don't even know it's there until you turn it off.
I used a Rel T2 for a while and found it fairly easy to integrate. I also used the hookup method described by Wolf_garcia, worked well.
My only complaint with the T2 was it did not have an auto-on feature.
My room is repurposed smallish dining room (open to a few sides, but I really just need the music close to the system).

Thanks for the advice, I'll be looking into REL and the Vandersteen mentioned earlier. I think my bass needs are pretty meager, and want to err on the side of too-little rather than too much.

thanks again.
Jl Audio Fathom series
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I think I would add HSU in the mix as well.
Not to be offensive in any way but are you sure that the CD player and cartridge are up to the task?

I found that getting these right can help with hearing what there is to hear.
06-22-15: Jafant

REL is the best sub period.
Tell that to a JL owner. Actually, there are now several very good powered subs out there from a variety of vendors. While the specialists such as REL, JL, Velodyne, etc. make some great products, subs coming from mainstream speaker mfrs are getting great press as well, subs from Revel, B&W, Velodyne, Martin Logan, Sonus Faber, etc. have some very competitive products, though many of them are at the more expensive side.

The REL T-Zero does look like a good candidate. The single Speakon connector to feed it both channels makes things simple, and in my experience, I like the sound quality of high level feeds to subs. The T-Zero is also small and inexpensive enough to consider getting two of them. MusicDirect currently has a demo for $399.

Another option would be the d-108 in JL's new Dominion subwoofer line. It's a sealed 8" sub that lists at $799 or $899 depending on finish.
ahhh, I've been on this journey

Velodyne DD's, Vandersteen 2wq, JL Audio (truly amazing), Rel B-1, SVS, Sunfire, B & W, Martin Logan... all to get tight bass to my Maggies (mostly for the 3.6R's I had for years). It gets frustrating. Mostly the Velodyne DD and JL Audio were the best of this group. Very fast and great flexibility.

But at the time I started this I was trying to use one sub for both HT and music, so eventually, kind of on a flyer, I bought a Definitive Technology Supercube (a 10" one at that time) to see if it could handle both inputs. It was amazing, and comparatively inexpensive. I've used these subs exclusively since then. I've actually never sold any of them.

In my media room I now have a Supercube 4000 which is only 8" and with the passive radiators is incredibly fast. It's very powerful, and I have the speaker level connection on from my Bryston amp. Kick drums on Jazz and Classical Bass are amazing. Quick, sharp with no bloating.

I think these subs are some of the best kept secrets in high end audio.

Good luck.
DEQX is the only way I have found to integrate subwoofers into a system. I also think you need dual subwoofers to do this correctly.