Subwoofer recommendation

I recently purchased the Monito Audio Silver 5's, 3's and center for my HT setup. I am thinking of the Mirage BPS 150I sub to compliment them. Has anyone had any experience with this sub? I am also open to recommendations within the $800 and under range.
If you can find used Paradigm Reference Servo-15,(1500 NEW) If you are in hurry check out PSB Alpha SubSonic (439 new) Personaly, i would save $$ and buy The Paradigm in the case that you can't find used one.
I have 2 Mirage PS-12-180 speakers for sale. These units have an internal 180 watt poweramp and crossover, the driver is 12" I also have the spikes. I am also selling a seperate LFX-2 crossover to go with these subs if you want to power them separately.