Subwoofer reccomendations

I have a pair of Thiel CS-6 speakers and would like to add a powered sub (s). I 'm looking for the best bang for the buck suggestions, as i don't have an unlimited budget.

thanks in advance for any help
Try a Rel Storm III. You should be able to pick up a used one here on Audiogon for about a grand or less.
ACI Titan. Better than REL.
I hate to be a confusing thorn in your side and sound disagreeable, but I own an ACI Titan (very good low priced sub) in my second system and I have owned (and reviewed for Stereo Times) two REL Stentor 3s in my main system. I now have the JL Audio Fathoms (I have two of the f-112s because my roon is not real large but you can easily get away with one f-112 or f-113) and, IMHO, the JL sub is better than both. There's an f-112 used on A-Gon for about $1,800 - at that price - it's a GREAT buy AFAIK.

Just my $.02 - I hope it helps.
PS - I did NOT mean to imply that the RELs are not good as I really enjoyed the Stentor IIIs - just that in MY system and for my musical tastes and prefences the JL Audio does what I want a bit better - faster transients and attack, more musical nuance and articulation and it blends even more seamlessly while digging just as deep with as much impact as you decide to give with the controls. I also really think the ARO (computerized room optimization circuitry used with the supplied microphone) on the JL helps. IMHO it lets you dial it in that last nth degree after tuning it by ear.
You might want to consider the new Genesis G-928. Let me know if you need more info on it.


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