Subwoofer reccomendations

I am looking for a subwoofer to go with my Sonus Faber Concerto Stand mount speakers. It must be quick and musical because I don't want to lose that Sonus Faber midrange to a black boomy box in the corner. My two choices for now are a REL storm III, or a martin Logan Depth. I may even go down to a REL strata III. My room is on the small side, about 14 by 12. You can see the rest of my system on Audiogon. I'd rather not spend more than $1200 on a sub new or used. I have heard the Storm III before, but it was in a VERY large room, and it didn't have enough for the room size. I have never heard the Depth before. Please help.
I would also include the Totem Lighting in this search, very fast and musical,easy to adjust so that it blends in nicely
I auditioned the REL, Martin-Logan Depth, and a bunch of others (Klipsch, Polk, B&W, ...) and the best of them all IMO was the ACI Titan. In your price range, plus you get a 30 day trial!
Something like the Onix Rocket UFW-10 should work just fine. Get one new from here AV123. You don't want to over load the room. A sealed 10 inch should be more than enough.
Gmood is right. In a small room you aren't likely to better the Rocket sub. It is highly musical, favoring quality over quantity. It wouldn't be my first choice for movies or even music in a large room, but for your needs it should be perfect.

Im very happy with my ACI Force,I use it for music only!Dont have HT
ACI Force or Titan.
WOW. Thanks alot for the info. One more question: Has anyone auditioned the new REL britannia line yet. How would a B3 compare to a used Stadium III. Both are 200watt, bot are 10 inch drivers, however the Stadium III is rated to go a little lower. I can get a used Stadium III or a new B3 for about the same price. I guess my budget just jumped up to the "just under 2K" mark....OOPS :)
Hi Phoenix,

I wrote up a post about the REL 'B' series because there was not much available, look me up here on A-gon and see my post. That said, for your room size go with the Strata or B3; either should do it. The stadium would be overkill. I will add I have not heard the ACI subs mentioned here.
I read your write up, Jimmy2615, and it was quite informative. I know the stadium would be overkill, but I want to have options open to me if I ever switch the room my system is in. The other 2 rooms I am considering moving it to are quite large. I'm reading up on the ACI subs. The new Titan XL is due to be released soon and ACI is taking pre-orders. Every review I have read of the Titan subs has been VERY favorable. They said they are "REL performance at half the price" That could be possible since ACI is American and REL is an import.
Yes, well, if you are moving up to a big room than I can imagine the Stadium would be a player. Good luck...someday I'll have to check out ACI !
By the way, in re-reading your earlier post from today asking about the B3 compared to the Stadium, I wouldn't know personally, but the dealer who sold me the B1 told me that in his training with Sumiko they said the Stadium fell in between the B2 and B1 performance-wise...if that helps.
what abt thiel's smart sub?
Thiel's Smart subs are a little out of my price range. But Stereophile said they are fabulous.