subwoofer question on SVS and HSU..

I don't have much of a budget to spend on a subwoofer. Maybe $700-
At Tweeter, I found that they discontinued the
Mirage OM200 -- Price $650.00 Any ideas on this Sub?
Beyond that, SVS PC+ and Hsu VTF-3MKII ... close enough to the price range,although large and unattractive.
Will any of these be better or worse with my Paradigm 60's?

Is this for music/ht or just music? Look into Def. Tech or Totem. Def Tech makes good, reasonable sub and Totem makes quality, excellent sub.
Good luck,
With a budget of $700 you should be able to get a Paradigm PW2200 if they still make them. It's an awesome sub and would match great with the Paradigm 60's.

Is this for a HT setup?
Thanks for the responses... it's majority music 65/35.