Subwoofer Question

I currently have a Martin Logan Balanced Force 210 sub paired with Dynaudio Contour 3.4 LE speakers and a Prima Luna HP Dialogue integrated amp.  My listening space is fairly small (listening position is about 11 feet from the speakers.  The nature of the room only allows me to place a sub in the front corners of the room near the speakers so I can really only have two subs.  I have been toying with the idea of selling the ML and replacing it with dual subs, one in each front corner.  One particular sub I have been thinking and reading about is the REL t9i.  Why am I thinking about this? No other reason than the itch to tweak but certainly also to improve.

I would greatly appreciate this board’s thoughts and insights.


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How cute are the Rythmik subs? Cuteness is a big factor.
The Rel subs are WAY cuter than Rythmik subs!  I'd guess that most of the design intent and manufacturing cost goes towards performance, not looks, with Rythmik.
In all seriousness, I appreciate the suggestion big Greg.  Can you tell me about the Rythmik’s performance? Do you use them for two channel listening, home theater or both? I am strictly a two channel listener. Would love to hear more about how you use them and how they perform. Many thanks
I have 5 subs actually - two Rythmik F25s, two SVS SB 13 Ultras, and one HSU Mid Bass Module (MBM-12).  The MBM-12 is only engaged for home theater.  I use the subs for both 2 channel and home theater, but primarily for two channel listening.  The Rythmiks can play low and also play higher into the bass region so they are good for both.  I originally bought them primarily for home theater, but as I started learning more about the distributed bass / swarm systems, I thought why not try them?  It made a huge difference in my two channel listening experience.  Enrico and Brian at Rythmik are pretty easy to reach and very helpful.  Give them a shout.  My personal belief is that you're going to get more bang for your buck buying internet direct.  There's a lot of dealer mark up on those Rel subs.
puppyt, don't make life more complicated than it has to be. Just buy another 210 and a good crossover like the JL Audio Or dbx Drive Rack units. Put the subs in the corners like you planned and I think once you get things set up you will be very happy with the results. You can always add more subs in the future but would wager that you will not feel the need. 
I personally use 4 subwoofers but I'm forced to to get an equivalent radiation pattern to my satellites which are 8 foot tall ESLs (line source).
People with point source speakers which is the vast majority, can do just fine with two subwoofers in the typical residential setting. One subwoofer is never satisfactory. Those who think it is will change their mind when they hear and feel what two does.