Subwoofer question

I am in the market for a sub for my surround system.
Right now I have the Paradigm Signature S8 and Paradigm Signature Center, along with a pair of the small cube Bose for the rear (the came wired with the house). These will not be my main rears, will get a different pair after I build my entertainment room.

So my question is do you have to stick to the same brand of sub to match the whole system? Right now I am bidding on a Paradigm Seismic, but if that does not go through should I wait for another Paradigm sub or is there another brand I should look into? Looking to spend 1000-2000 for a used one.

Would really like to get a Paradigm Servo 15 4500 watt one but they are hare to find.

In my opinion, if your primary function is going to be home theater the sub isn't super critical beyond having a decent one. Your mains should do fine for 2 channel listening so I wouldn't over do it on a subwoofer. I have a Martin Logan Dynamo 700 that I picked up from Audiophile Liquidators and am very happy with. Your budget would easily allow for the Dynamo 1000 that should be even more excellent. The Dynamo 700 really surprised me with how much of a punch it packs for it's size.
No. Particularly for HT use, but also IME for music. First and foremost a sub should be matched to the room. That is primarily a function of room size, placement and a sub controller. If you're using an HTR with audyssey or equivalent, the sub controller is already there. If not, think about the Audyssey/SVS or Velodyne SMS-1 subcontroller ($800, $450 respectively) or replacing your HTR with an Audyssey equipped unit. For my money, this is BY FAR the biggest bang for the buck in the subwoofer game.

Most of the "seamless integration" challenge is a function of smooth, carefully matched response through the crossover region, which is more a function of the items listed above than it is of any particular subwoofer. The only characteristic of a sub that -to my ear- audibly affects the match to a speaker is damping. Highly damped (usually, though not always, sealed) subs are often easier to match than ported models, unless the main speakers are underdamped at the crossover point. Variable damping models from SVS or Rythmik make life easier. Other than that, on your budget, there are lots of good choices (unless your room is HUGE). A new pair of 12" Rythmiks (my choice, but music centric) or SVS (highly regarded, probably better for mostly HT use) will be @ or < $1500. Both offer a direct sale, in-home trial, money back waranty.

Good Luck


Look into VMPS--larger sub, or OMG (Oh My God) upgraded driver and passive radiator. Can be had new for under $1000.00. Adjustable to blend with any speakers so it's undetectable that you have a sub, until that OMG moment when the power and clarity may cause an accident. I have the VSS upgraded 215 sub from VMPS and it's outstanding in all ways with NO boom.