Subwoofer Power Cord Suggestions

I'm looking to spend up to $600 used for a new power cord for my Rel subwoofer. I'm looking for suggestions on where to start. Please let me know what PC are you using and why do you like it on your sub? I like bass that is well defined with plenty of texture. Much Appreciated!
Any 9awg cord will suffice for a subwoofer, IMO.
That $600 could also buy you a Velodyne SMS-1 to EQ the sub and would do far more than any powercord I can think of, unless you're sub is already benefiting from EQ.

Which REL sub do you have?
Before you spend $600, get a $50 Absolute Power Cord, send it to deep cryo treatment and break it in by running a fridge for 4 weeks. You'll get unbelievable deep, clean, neutral response. I have one cryo'ed at Jena Labs and it's quite something, let me tell you!
I have a REL Storm III sub and found an NBS Monitor 0 gave a tighter and deeper bass than the stock cord. I didn't try any others as the NBS was an extra I had.
$600 is my budget, I would gladly spend less. I don’t need EQ. My sub is positioned perfectly. I have a Rel Britannia B3. I do agree with Tvad on a 9 awg or less PC. Does anyone have any big brand name suggestions and experiences? Thanks!
Does anyone have any big brand name suggestions and experiences? Thanks!
Joeyboynj (Threads | Answers)
Why is a big brand name important to you?

For an amplifier powering only low frequencies, gauge is most important. The subwoofer doesn't reproduce the frequencies in which most subtleties of esoteric power cords are evident...namely the upper midrange and highs.

Essentially, you want a cord that allows plenty of current flow.

My suggestion would be a VH Audio Flavor 4 (9awg). Anything more expensive is money wasted, IMO.
"I don’t need EQ. My sub is positioned perfectly."

You're luckier than most then, I wish I didn't need my bass traps and EQ.

I'll second TVAD's Flavor 4 suggestion, I tried it and it worked for me.
Why is a big brand name important to you?


Joey, get a BMI Whale, then...

A big important brand name is not importent to me, I'm just trying to get more of you guys/gals to respond. I should have know better to make that comment. ;-)

Anyway, VH Audio Flavor 4 is an excellent suggestion. I have some experience with this PC.

Any other ideas? I really interrested to hear what you are using on your subs.

synergistic research custom rel cord.
it is tuned and designed to work with all of the rel subs.
Hi Ozy, I already have the Synergistic Rel Spec interconnect cord for connection to my amp. Which works amazing well. I'm looking for a power cord for the sub.

I know lots of A-gonners have subs. Let me know what power cords you are using. Just looking for some ideas to research. So far, I only got 3 power cords to look up. Keep them comming.

Just upgraded the power cord for my Velodyne DD-12 to Oyaide Tunami Nigo with P/C-046 connectors from Synergistic Research Active AC Master Coupler (X-series). Speed, integration and texture are significantly improved. Since I sold my REL Stentor some 4 years ago, I had not tried the cord on a REL sub.

P.S. Part of the improvement may be attributed to the replacement of PS Audio Ultimate Outlet (HC) with Quintet, which took place at the same time.
Try signalcable. Around $60 +. They claim these cords are used as stock in $15K Velo sub.
I may take the suggestion to use the VH flavor 4. Which termination is recomended. Is there a benifit in the more expensive terminations for a subwoofer application.
I had owned an REL Q150E and had used the Synergistic Research A/C Master Coupler for it's power cord. I wasn't a big fan of the A/C Master Coupler with any other component in my system with the exception of the Subwoofer, where I thought it was a perfect match. The SR was a vast improvement over the stock power cord....easily audibly superior.

For a subwoofer I would suggest spending alot less than six hundred dollars. It is only going to be for something that replicates probably 60hz and below. Bass is omni directional. If it was me I would maybe use power chords that you replaced when you maybe upgraded. I just replaced my cardas hex chords with the their golden reference chords and would have no problem slapping one of the hex chords on a subwoofer because it has the simalar signature sound quality and it's just dealing with bass not the mid or highs. It would mesh very well the other power chords.