Subwoofer placement question digagram included

I guess the usual place for subwoofer is in the corner of the room. For the downfiring subwoofers(specifically Rel Strata III), is it ok to put it where 3 sides will be walls, although one of the wall is very short(14" high). what'll be the difference compared to plain corner? Any reason is it better worth

full length wall
very short wall (14") || SUB || full legnth wall
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The new Velodyne subs come w/ a mic so you can find out exactly how your sub is reacting to your room.
If you can borrow this from someone you know, you will know where to place your sub.
The corner is a great place if you need to increase the apparent out put of the sub, however I always got a flat response and better integration with my main speakers when I placed the sub on the wall between the speakers. Moral - don't assume, try out your sub in several locations and make the cross over point as low as possible (considering the nature of your main speakers) to keep the mono signal from the sub in the same range as the "mono" signal from the main speakers.
sorry the diagram didn't work out...
Here are some helpful tips and links:
Subwoofer Calibration
Multiple subs I realize you are talking about one, but you may learn some things about placement from this article.

The third step is to measure the highest peak in the bass (room mode). Assuming you do not have an eq, then play that tone continuously and walk around the room with an SPL meter. Find a null for that frequency and place the sub there (assuming it's a reasonable location). That will give you the flatest response, and with that sub, it's unlikely you need the gain provided by placing it in the corner.

If you need a test CD, we make one calibrated for the RS SPL meter. You can find it here: Test CD 2