Subwoofer placement

I am in the market for an AV cabinet that can house a Sony KV34XBR910 TV with room for a Velodyne F-1200 sub below. The sub measures roughly 17 cubic inches. I also need room for two Adcom amps and a variety of AV components. I have not been able to find a cabinet that will accept the F-1200 below the TV. Any suggestions?
salamander designs. you can build your own design.
Putting the sub. inside a cabinet can cause unwanted vibrations and noise. Are you sure you want to put it there?
What about the corner of the room,better bass then?

i would go to great lengths NOT to place a subwoofer inside a cabinet/shelves with any electronics. placement off in a corner behind one of you front speakers would be WAY better.
The extremely large amount of magnetic flux generated by the subwoofer will distroy your TV picture image. A corner placement of the subwoofer will produce a fast, not muddy bass sound. The room corner will produce a megaphone effect for your subwoofer.
Forget the cabinet.