Subwoofer Phase Delay

I recently integrated a Rythmik L12 subwoofer into my two channel system. I use the second pair of main outs on my BAT VK-3i and run interconnects to the line inputs on the sub. The sub is located right next to the left speaker. The Rythmik instruction sheet suggests that for a ported speaker (like my B&W N804s), the phase delay should be set at 10 o'clock. However, since my speakers and sub are being driven in parallel (and are right next to each other), shouldn't the phase delay be set to zero? I remain, confused in NY. Thanks for your help.


The point to all of the settings is to have as seamless an integration as possible. Meaning, your FR is flat and unperturbed through out.

The best way to find out how to do this is to measure. You may find you can do a good job with your phone, a calibrated microphone such as the Dayton imm6 and AudioTools (on Android) or similar on iPhone:

Otherwise, Room EQ Wizard with the right microphone will also help.

If you find yourself stuck with very loud room modes, you'll need to invest in room treatment and EQ on the sub to properly integrate a sub. Hopefully you won't, but it's a small hope. :)