Subwoofer pairing with new Magnepan .7's

Greetings! I've just set up my new Magenapan .7's speakers and are really enjoying them. I'm feeling that they would benefit from some bass augmentation. I'm asking what subwoofer pairing have been successful with Magnepan speakers? My amp is a Rogue Sphinx currently. 
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REL offers the best subwoofer in the business. Mates very nicely w/ both Rogue Audio and Maggies. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Beernut, you can also check out MJ Acoustics, who's staff, that previously worked for REL, got left behind when REL went into production in China. They are making all of their subs in England.
I've started looking into subs for my system, so how I learned about this.

Thank you both for the advice!
Depends on what type of bass you are looking for?  A powered sub will give you that deeper thump.

A pair, (or try just one) of the Magnepan woofers will give you a tighter, faster and more filled in bass, but they are NOT SUBwoofers, just extra bass panel area.

They are incredible and you owe it to yourself to at least hear them with your speakers.
Thank you mofi! I did think of them as well...
A pair of Rythmik's are quite nice with the .7's (and 1.7's and 3.7's!).
bdp says...

"A pair of Rythmik's are quite nice with the .7's (and 1.7's and 3.7's!)"..

I'll add:

...and MMGs (which I've used them with).

As always, I recommend a quick visit to which offers extensive subwoofer test data.  The proof is in the listening, but it never hurts to be informed.
Your best bang for the buck SVS sealed
Thanks all for the great input! I will explore these options in more depth...
I think SVS gives you a 45 day home trial......what could go wrong?
I'll probably get laughed at for this..........
We used a pair of the B&W PV1D subwoofers with a pair of 1.7's were I used to work. Once tweaked we were all really surprised of how well they worked together.


For ESL’s and Planer speakers, because they are fast, you need fast sub woofer/s.

"Generally" I would go with smaller 8’-10" rather than larger 12"-15" diameter, as smaller ones that are designed right, should in theory be faster and able to keep up with ESL/Planer type speakers better, also ones that have motional feedback circuits would be good to look at. Isobaric’ed ones are also fast, but are rare, and expensive.

There’s nothing worse than a sub that’s slow and can’t keep up with the mains

Cheers George

All right beernut, I wasn't going to go here, but georgelofi's post above changed my mind. I earlier recommended the Rythmik subs, which feature designer/owner Brian Ding's patented Direct Servo Feedback circuit and a number of different woofer and amp choices. Any Rythmik sub will sound great with your Maggies, but there is one even better choice.

Brian collaborated with Danny Richie of GR Research in designing a woofer optimized specifically for OB (Open Baffle) use (along with a "shelving" circuit to compensate for the low-frequency roll-off inherent in dipole design), and this woofer too is controlled by the servo feedback circuit in the Rythmik plate amp. The woofer is available in 8" and 12" sizes, and its OB-optimized design, combined with the Servo Feedback control, results in a very "fast" sounding sub. With either driver, a sub particularly suited to use with any and all planar loudspeakers can be had---the GR Research/Rythmik OB/Dipole Sub. The woofers (either two or three per sub) are installed in an open baffle frame, resulting in a sub sharing the planar speakers figure-of-8 polar radiation characteristic. You can read about it on the GR Research website, and the GR Audiocircle Forum. Don't buy a sub until you have considered this very special one! 

Everyone on the internet mentions REL and I'm sure they were great a few years ago but their current offerings just don't perform up to the hype.  The model that I have (T5) cannot play anything below 30hz and bottoms out when trying to do so.    
Thank you for the above, after the holidays I will get serious.