Subwoofer output

I have a HK 3385 receiver with a line-level subwoofer jack. There is no mention of a Xover in the receiver. Do I need a subwoofer with a Xover?
The receiver will only pass bass through the subwoofer out.
You do need a powered sub with frequency and level controls to properly blend it with your other speakers. You don't need an external crossover.
If it's line level output don't I need a powered subwoofer?
Please disregard my previous post.
According to the manual for the HK 3385:
Subwoofer Outputs: If you have a powered subwoofer, connect these jacks to the line-level inputs on the subwoofer. The same fullrange signal is output through both jacks.

So the "subwoofer" outs are simply preamp outs. Every powered sub I've seen will have an adjustable low-pass filter and some will have line level outputs that have been high passed. If you have true full range main speakers, then the low pass filter built into the sub will suffice. Otherwise, you will likely get better results using a high pass filter (whether in a sub or separately) before the main amp/speakers.

It's unfortunate that HK did not provide 2 channel bass management. Just for reference, the Outlaw stereo receiver does.
The Outlaw is on my list, but the HK will do for now.