Subwoofer or new speakers? - need advice

I currently drive Spica TC60's with a Classe CAP-100 Integrated (overkill or what?!). My room is 20' x 14' with cathedral ceiling. The speakers are on the long wall about 9' from the sweet spot. I used to listen almost exclusively to small group acoustic jazz and chamber music on CD and vinyl. Now that I've started playing rock, electric blues, and reggae I can't crank more than half way. What should I do? I know next to nothing about subs. What are the pros and cons? What are the logistics? I don't even know how they work. Some direction would be appreciated. I hate getting rid of the Spicas; I've grown to really love them (too sentimental?). Thanks so much for your feedback.
I know this may not be the answer you're looking for, but if you're open to the idea, buy a used pair of Spica Angelus. Keep your TC-60's, they'd make terrific fronts for a HT setup. I loved my Angelus' and if you want a little more bottom end you can always add a sub later on. I'm no expert on subs, but generally you run your output from your amp to the sub (speaker wires), then speaker wires out of the sub to your monitors.
What happens when you crank more than half way????
angelus' wood be a nice upgrade, if ya like the tc60's. re subs, see "the best subwoofer" thread here for opinions about subs (mine included!). jeff is correct about how many powered subs are set-up - one reason why i prefer the wirtues of passive subs, an outboard active x-over & a separate subwoofer amp: simpler, cleaner, better electronics.

doug s.

I had Spica Angelus for close to 8 years. A truly great speaker. One thing to remember, with speakers like the TC50 and the Angelus there is no such thing as overkill. These speaker turn night and day when fed with quality electronis. When I stared my recent upgrade path the Angelus was the last to go and when I was running that with a great amp like the Ayre V3 , I felt that I had not proberly heard what that speaker was capable of in the eight years that I had it. I remember hearing that it also was a great match with the Muse 18 subwoofer, Muse would still make you the personality card to go with the Angelus. I could only imagine what it would sound like in my system today. A classic speaker if ever there was one. All the best-Gary
what happens when he cranks it more than halfway....
his cranky (yet surprisingly tolerant) wife politely asks him to wait until she's out of the house...

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i kicked my wife off the computer. anyway, if i crank it more than half way i hear a "thump" and i fear that the speakers will blow up! what do i do? thanks, easy_e
I concur with Doug- an active x-over is the way to go. You'll eliminate the low frequencies being fed to the Spicas which should, in turn, help to eliminate the thump you're getting. (The thump is probably the speaker trying to play some lower octave input which then impacts the remaining material the speaker is trying to play.) You'll also be able to play much louder if you have a powered sub (or separate amp for the sub) with an active x-over as your existing amp is freed up from power-robbing low frequencies and the Spicas don't have to attempt to play the low stuff, which leaves them free to do what they do best.

If the Spicas really work for you, then experiment with a sub. If you are open to new speakers, it might be a little less expensive in the long run to make a change.

Note that, in my limited personal experience in toying with subs, I've found that one shouldn't expect a sub to play up higher than 60 hz.