Subwoofer Match with Proac Response 2's

I have the following system: Cal Dx2 Cd; Proac REsponse 2's Adcom amps Audibile Illusion 3 preamp Cabled with Tara Labs any suggestions for a good music (first) ht (second) subwoofer. Thanks.
vandersteen is one of the only ones that can keep up with these but it does not give you the slam you want for ht..... try and borrow a few x-2 from your dealer to fine tune it
can't help ya w/ht, but for music, ya *have* to get a *pair* of subs. this does two things - doesn't muck-up the soundstage, & also allows much less distortion, cuz ya don't have to drive 'em as hard for the same apparent volume. both of these are critical for music. re: actual subs, i know lotsa folks like the cheaper rels, all i know is i borrowed one from a relative, & i could only use it for ~5 minutes - sounded like typical mid-fi one-note boom. perhaps, if i had a pair, it might've been different... personally, i think ya can't beat a pair of vmps (the largest that will fit in yer room - they have 3 sizes), combined w/a good active x-over (i recommend marchand or db systems - can't beat 'em for the $$$), and a good used solid-state amp. adcom, rotel, aragon, bryston, sumo, parasound - whatever ya can get cheap! my sub set-up consists of a marchand x-over, two vmps larger subs, and a pair of adcom gfa555's. the subs-n-crossover were bought new, & i still came in at less than $2400. yule have to spend that to get *one* decent powered sub. the only exception mite be the top-line hsu subs, but ya still need two... and, i like the flexibility of having separate amps-n-crossover. the marchand is also *wery* flexible - plug-in frequency modules, adjustable volume for bass/treble/x-over point.
Proac is coming out with a subwoofer in September. Approximate price will be $1900.
euphorbia, proacs are *excellent* speakers, but, yule still need a pair - that's $3800. will they be powered, w/built-in x-overs?
On subwoofers.... perhaps a pair of smaller accurate Velodynes would do the trick... or maybe even better, a pair of small Bob Carver True Subs would give you ease of placement, high output capability, low frequency extension, without 2 big boxes sitting in your room. An aside, please consider upgrading your CAL DX-2 to something better. I own the CAL Icon MK II Power Boss, which blows the doors off the DX-2 in terms of bass solidity, depth of soundstage, and imaging. I've compared both head-to-head and there really is no contest. You can probably find a used Icon for $700 or so - it would be money well spent, considering the quality of your speakers (Pro-Ac is known for their excellent imaging potential). Just some words of advice, take them as you will..... Good Listening!!
hi.. i am a soliloquy dealer .. you owe it to yourself to check out there speakers check out a dealer near you or contact me,,, the S-10 is not only sonically breathtaking but the most beautiful looking unit around ... you will fall in love !!! also check out the sunfire mk11 or a apir of sunfire jr subs if i can be of any help please get in touch !!