Subwoofer line out from integrated amp to balanced subwoofer amp input - is this ok?

AudigoN Team,

I have a scenario to run by you.  I am determining what subwoofer amp to use for my new setup.  Crown subwoofer amps have balanced inputs.  However, the integrated amps/preamps that I am considering and would be connecting to the subwoofer amp only have line level outputs (Peachtree Nova 500, NAD M12, NAD M32).

I see that there are adapters and adapter boxes that can be purchased to convert a line level output with RCA connection to a balanced input.

Will one of these provide audiophile level of signal?  Are there any dangers to the equipment if this approach is done?  Is there a preferred adapter approach?

If this is not a good approach, I will need to find another subwoofer amp with a line level input instead of a balanced connector input.

Please provide your thoughts.

Yes you can use an adapter with no worries.No speaker level inputs on your sub?That would be another option.
Should be no problem at all, the cold signal should be connected to the shield at the RCA end, that way you get some of the benefit of the noise cancelling. If you don't mind soldering then they are simple to make by cutting the connector off a balanced cable at one end and replacing with an RCA connector.
If the adaptor boxes are powered then you'll probably be getting a true differential signal which will mean you'll get an extra 6dB of gain at the input to the sub.