Subwoofer isnt woofing anymore

I have tried swapping the cable but still nothing. the light is on but still no sound. The box is a M & W sub. what's next?
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How is it connected to your system? What component is it attached to, a pre-amp, processor, HT receiver or amp? If it's connected via speaker level connections and the main speakers are working, the problem is likely in the sub. If you are connected via line-level interconnect, can you try a different source? If it works with a different source, the issue is in the component it was connected to.

If you can determine if the problem is in the sub, or the component to which it is connected, you can start troubleshooting from there. If in the sub, check for fuse or something in the sub. If in the electronic component, is there any possible configuration issue (if an HT receiver or processor).
As the previous message said, try changing the input. If you're using a singel RCA cable from your Sub out in your source component, try disconnecting that and using the speaker-level connection. Or vice-versa.

If it then works, you know you have a faulty input on the sub. If it does not work with either, the sub's amp is faulty or the wiring from the sub's amp to the woofer may have come loose - pray that this is your problem, it is easily corrected.

Good luck!

the sub was connected via rca cable to the HT processor. Will do some more testing