Subwoofer into Naim Nait 5i with no pre-out......

Hi guys I am in a rush to get a cable to take away with me on a trip and am a bit confused. I have a Velodyne optimum 10 sub that has RCA connections and a Naim Nait5i with no pre-out - how do I go about making this work? That is, I need a subwoofer cable with RCA on one end - what do I do on the other and are these cables readily available and if so, where?
I also have a REL sub (that I can't take with me) and how that works is, plug into the Sub (neutric connection) and squeeze the thin bare wire at the other end into the banana sockets on the amp where your speaker cables go.

You need a sub with High level output, not sure if yours has it or not. That way you can connect to your speaker terminals.

Check here:
"The tape output always carries the selected input signal."

The above quote is from the Nait5i manual.Your manual is an invaluable asset.Like I told you before,read it.
"Tape Out" is full output. Does not go through volume control. Volume cannot be adjusted. Do not use Tape Out.
Smholl is correct about not using tape out . You can get a passive box that will lower high level [power] output to low level [signal] output. I use one with my passive Hsu subs, taking the power output from the main amp and lowering it so it can drive the sub amp. If your sub does not have a high level input this is the only way I know to go unless you want to insert a volume control into the signal coming from the tape output and readjust it every time you changed the main volume, not really practical. My passive box came with the subs but they must be available from other sources.
02-19-10: Smholl
"Tape Out" is full output. Does not go through volume control. Volume cannot be adjusted. Do not use Tape Out.

If this is indeed the case,I stand corrected,sorry for the misinformation Thomas.Please accept my humble apologies.
Muzikat, Smol;, Stanwal - thanks. I had realized that in order to go through the tape I would need to adjust the sub every time I adjusted my volume. This is far from ideal but maybe I am stuck with it unless I can find passive box like you suggested.
TPreaves - apologies for bullying accepted. I also forgive you for the bullying on my other posts. I do appreciate your often helpful suggestions but am sometimes at a loss when you become judgmental and condescending. You helped me with a very naive speaker connection question as a newbie and afterwards on a totally unrelated post regarding musical tastes had to chirp in with "oh, did you ever figure out how to connect your speaker cables" in an effort to make me look stupid - uncalled for. For the most part you seem like a nice helpful guy but ruin it with the attitude and I have seen you getting your ass verbally kicked for doing this to other people on the site - really unnecessary.
Not trying to make you look like anything Thomas.Just some good natured ribbing.If this makes you uncomfortable,I apologize and will not communicate with you any further.