Subwoofer interconnect quality question

I have a pair of GoldenEar SSX's in my 2.1 system and currently use DH Labs Air Matrix RCA's from PS Audio BHK preamp. I Synergistic Research interconnects in the rest of my system.

I've heard that higher end interconnects are less important to LF transmission in subs.

I originally had Synergistic Research Element Copper RCA's on the subs but switched to DH Labs when I moved sub 10' from preamp for better placement since don't have longer Syn Research cables .

That said, I recall better separation, weight and bass clarity with the Syn Research Element cables over DH Labs.

Confirmation bias, or do subs respond well to higher end RCA's?
You moved the sub. That right there would be a bigger difference than any interconnect could ever make.
I went from one sub to five. Wire was a big concern. I have a lot of Synergistic in my system, Element CTS speaker cables, Atmosphere Euphoria interconnect, etc and they are worth every penny. Duke Lejeune aka Audiokinesis said save your money, use lamp cord, it won't matter. He was right. Still I thought for sure the interconnect to the sub amp would make a difference.
Not that I was able to hear. My used cable drawer is well stocked. Tried regular and Active Synergistic, tried some other stuff, finally wound up with the cheapest crappiest no-name cable going to the Daytons. Simply could not hear any difference.
Could be the difference is there and I'm just not clued in to listening for it. But then that would mean neither is Duke, which I find hard to believe. Or it could be there is a frequency range below which human hearing just isn't nearly as sensitive as midrange and higher.
I agree with @millercarbon on this. Changing a sub's position -- sometimes even a little -- makes far more difference to my ears than changing cables.

I'll go further, and say the same thing is true of main speakers, as well.
Oh yeah. The three most important elements in quality playback are speaker placement, speaker placement, and speaker placement.

I was wondering guys. I’m currently using these interconnects for the subwoofer. Will a costlier alternative sound better than this one?