Subwoofer integration with Silverline Sonata MK111

Can anyone who has successfully integrated a subwoofer with the Silverline Audio Sonta Mk111 kindly share their experience?

I am trying to integrate a REL Storm 3 sub and would like to know what the optimum cross over between the sub and Sonata should be.

The Sonata specs are supposedly from 25 to 20,000 Hz.


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I have a pair of Sonatinas that I use an ACI Force XL sub with. Integration in my room was a bit tricky. I'd highly recommend using an SPL meter and a test tone sampler disc to aid you in the process. Obviously the different speakers, different room and different sub is not going to provide very useful info for you. FWIW I ended up crossing over at around 65hz running the speakers full range. I tried a low frequency cutoff at around the same frequency, but preferred the extra fullness that running the speakers full range provided. I'm using line level inputs from the pre to the sub. Also, though my Sonatinas are spec'd just a bit higher in the low end (I seem to recall around 27hz perhaps) than your Sonata III's they do not measure remotely close to that low figure in my room. Instead they drop off fairly steeply at around 40hz. You may find the more accurate in-room response for your Sonatas using an SPL meter (relatively inexpensive from Radio Shack). You can also easily adjust for phase using the same meter, as well as find the best position in your room with an assistant. Before I used the meter I was having a devil of a time trying to set up the sub so it wasn't either too pronounced or seemingly doing nothing at all. I think most folks err on the pronounced side. For music I'd say the goal was closer to an 'invisible' presence, as it were.

Good luck.