Subwoofer Integration

I have decided to go with the Velodyne DD-12 for my dedicated 2 ch. Setup. I will be running Totem Mani-2 Signatures and a Pre-Amp/Amplifier. My pre-amp obviously does not have a Sub-out and I do not want to crossover my speakers AT ALL. I want my Mani-2’s to play full range like they normally would and just add to the low end with the DD-12. I have a several different options to set up my sub but I don’t know which one would be considered best?

Balanced Direct Inputs – I don’t even know if it is possible to hook up a sub this way? If possible I was thinking maybe this would be the best since the signal would be the purest and when I adjust the treble and bass on my pre-amp the sub will not be affected (less cross-over points) correct me if I am wrong.

Unbalanced Direct Inputs – figure the same thing as above, just not as good a connection.


Unbalanced Line Level Out on Pre-amplifier

Unbalanced Line Level In on Amplifier
For the best integration, I highly recommend connecting the sub's speaker level input to the outputs of your power amp. This suggestion was given to us by Audio Physics's designer (J. Gerhard?) when we were exhibiting at CES with an Audio Physics Rhea(and later confirmed when I added a sub to my own system). His logic was that, by driving the sub from your stereo AMP, the sub's sound would acquire the characteristics of the amp, yielding a more coherent handoff to the sub.

Many visitors to my home have been amazed ("the subwoofer's way over on the right, but I hear the bass smack in the middle.." or "....over on the right..").

Is this the same concept REL uses?

So I should hook my sub up to the Unbalanced Line Level Inputs on my Amplifier
If your sub has speaker level inputs, they'll have binding posts to attach speaker wire to. If you have these, hook them up to the amplifier's OUTPUT terminals (the amp's binding posts).

If you don't have speaker-level inputs, forget what I wrote.
Slov dream,
You will love the DD-12. Virtualimage is right on. This is the best way to go for 2-channel. The DD-12 will integrate so well with the the Mani's that you will not be able to tell where it is in the room. I know the Mani's have very good bass output already, so after you're done with calibration, don't be suprised if the sub volume is only in the single digits.