subwoofer in corner under shelf: reflection probs?

Just a question about whether having something above a subwoofer in a corner will create problems. I have a sealed inclosure sub (Velodyne DD12) that I have used successfully in a corner placement. I now want to put a shelf above it, and I'm wondering if that is going to cause problems with unwanted bass reflections etc. or otherwise compromise the sound?


Guess you really wont know until you install the shelf.
Riley, that may be true, but I'd rather not install it only to discover it messes up my if people have any insights, that would be most appreciated. And in truth, it's not just a single shelf, but a shelfing unit which I would use to house my components. So I should have been clearer in my original post. Thanks.

The added shelf will add an additional close proximity wall boundary which may help reinforce the bass output level which can always be compensated by turning down the sub's volume. I can't see a problem that DD12's settings won't correct.
Any chance of sticking "something" roughly the same size as the shelf that you plan on putting there and then listen to see if its good/bad ?
The bass cant get trapped, while the subwoofer is placed on an open place. Not a sealed cabinet.
Try switching positions and play around.
I appreciate all of the answers and good suggestions. Thanks all.