Subwoofer in 2.1 system... HELP

Subwoofer in 2.1 setup... LOTS O' QUESTIONS! Need help. I want to add a subwoofer to my music-only, fairly decent stereo system. I currently have a Counterpoint hybrid sa20 amp, Krell KSL-2 s.s. preamp, Sony C333-ES SACD player, and original Von Shweikert VR4 speakers. I would like more bass end (especially on certain types of music and at lower levels), and seek a relatively inexpensive (maybe $800 used?) sub for this purpose. The question is, how the F#$! do I hook the sub up without using the sub as a crossover to my main speakers, or is this not possible to avoid? I dont want to add coloration or more components in the way of the signal if at all possible. Can I put wires for both at the amp posts, or would this somehow fry the ever so touchy Counterpoint? Should I even worry about my speaker wires coming fromm the sub? Also, any thoughts on the type on sub? A Sunfire (junior) maybe?Any help as to my options would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, N
if your preamp has two sets of output, use one for your main amp and the other for the sub.

if your amp has two sets of speaker posts and your sub has such input (some models of REL and Velodyne do), you can use the extra speaker posts for the sub, but that means less power for your mains.

best of luck!
First off the VR-4s reach down to 20hz. So a sunfire junior will not really help you as it will only reach down to about 28hz. You will have to go to a larger driver 12 inch Sunfire Signature series or a 15 inch or larger driver like bagends.

If you use the same terminals on your amp out to the high in of most powered subwoofers this will work for variable volume. Or use the tape out (non variable volume) if you listen to your music at about the same level every time. Both will work.

The "high in" is a passthrough design in most quality subs. So it really will not draw any significant current from your amp. It just means however that you have to double your speaker cables which might in some cases mean more money than its worth.

You also do not mention the room size, but I would guess large. This will affect how much air you want to displace.

Try looking at a MKV-12 earthquake, they are usually discounted on audiogon and will go down to about 18hz or the MKV-15 (much harder to get) it will go down to about 14hz flat.
High level high impedance input! Available for ex in REL, MJ Acoustics and BK subs...

If your amp is not a class D, then no problem.

But for a VR4 you need a really good and powerful sub...

2 (Two) Rel Storm III needed 25 or 30 hz Xover to match a pair of VR2...
Thanks guys. Let me elaborate. First, Im looking for more "slam" mostly for rock music and a little more punch on jazz. Not really trying to go to the depths of the spectrum for pedals or pipe organ. Second, Im a complete idiot regarding setup, wiring, etc. Preamp has one set of rca outputs, and one set of XLR outputs. It also has a tape output.
My amp is connected to the rca outputs.
Hello gnc1775 I agree with DLstephenson as Im using two bagend 18 infrasubs in stereo to augment or support my mirage om6s 18htz. response. What ive done is purchase 2 plinius sa 102s in dual mono xlr, and using Pliniuses m8 preamps two sets of rca [+ 1 set xlrs for 102s] outs for my bagends high pass so I can enjoy a full seemless bass response all the wayyyy down to 8 htz. Although this is inaudible supposedly. I also have a mirage bps 400 for my .1 low frequency effects from my ht processor- now my setup is relativly simple as in hometheatre mode all three subs are working courtesy of my pliniuses m8 preamps hometheatre bypass, setting front speakers through my ht.processor to full range: actually all five speakers are set to full range; but all the info. is allowed through in processing mode while in two channel mode I retain the integrity of the bagends response as the Plinius m8 takes over 2 channel duties, the mirage bps 400 really slams for HT. but I prefer the seemless blend in two channel from bagends; response is very much like rel subs, clean and very well integrated as well as fast the only time I know theyre there is if I unplug them,big ambient spatial cues as they seem to help provide soundstage proportions as well as low end response. Im not sure if the slam factor is what your looking for in a bagend;[more depth than slam] personally my plinius 102s picked up my transient midbass response from my om6s so well that on any up closemiked drums theyll startle you; also very detailed drums; as now Im simply using bagends to keep system from bottoming out to great effect as well as recreate kick drums or pipe organs and accoustic bass ect....As for your counterpoint Ive only seen one, used at audio consultants but it looked substantial in size not sure of power rating on that model but your speakers should give you midbass response as Von S. are really great speakers, sounds like perhaps the tubes in your counterpoint might be softening up your bass attack a little. If your looking for more drive and attack consider velodyne, m&k, and hsu although I saw a smaller bagend "new sealed in box" for I believe 600-800 dollars on the gone. My experience though is "one" will provide more depth not necessarily more slam, for that add a second bagend. I dont know if this helps but the bagend is one of the best musical subs Ive heard and Ive heard a good many.As to your hookup if you have one pair of rca outs that should suffice in a basic setup going streight into sub from your preamp and theyres a good many cable splitters and sub cable configurations on the market that should help resolve that dillema.Regards Tim W.
Go with the Bagend infra sub 18, the best sub I have ever owned. You will not be disipointed!!! Dave