Subwoofer ideas for Rega Mira and R3s.

Hi all,

I'm relatively new to having speakers in my music system, having been headphones-only ever since I've been able to afford anything (recent college grad), but I was able to pick up a pair of Rega R3s as well as a Mira 3 (to replace my dying hand-me-down Yamaha R-9).

So, I'm pretty intrigued at the prospects of adding a subwoofer into my system, the remaining components being a tweaked Planar 2 with a Dynavector 10x5 and a Planet 2000. I suppose the obvious answer would be to go with the Rega Vulcan subwoofer, but it seems as though they're no longer made, and I've yet to notice one for sale on the used market.

After some cursory reading, REL's subwoofers would probably fit my tastes (I don't want anything obnoxiously boomy; rather, I'd like to have the sound filled out below where the R3s are able to go), but I'm not too sure which offering would work best from them. I know that REL manufactured the Vulcan - is there a unit in their current lineup that's similar and would mesh well with my other components?

I live in an apartment complex, and my system's currently in my bedroom (10x10.5 ft). Budget-wise, I'd be willing to go up to about $800, though the lower the better, if possible ;)

Thanks in advance.
I've used a REL R-205 with Rega R5's very successfully. You should be able to get one for right around your budget.
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Following up Bob's point.

At Audio Advisor, the SMS is $450 and a sub from NHT (can't recall the model designation) which features dual 10" drivers in a 6" deep sealed cabinet is available at $300. Total = $750.


Clean, deep bass (< app. 35hz) output will -I assume- be restricted by the subs' small cabinet design, but the shallow box should allow very smooth response when placed against a wall. The sealed design will likely produce highly damped "tight" bass. The terrific low pass x-over in the SMS will allow seamless integration with your mains and the PEQ will allow you to smooth and extend the sub's output.

One proviso, the digital high pass in the SMS isn't my favorite part of this device. It subjects the entire signal to A/D/A conversion. You may wish to try your main speakers both high passed by the SMS and full range (bypassing the SMS in the main signal path) to see which approach you prefer.

For most music, at less than head banging spls, this should be a good solution within your budget. If you later decide that you need "more" subwoofer (bass <30hz or more volume capability), your investment in the NHT is sufficiently small that (presumably) you won't get killed on resale.

Good Luck


As long as you system stays in a 10' x 10.5' room, you're going to have deep bass issues - if your system produces deep bass. A truly potent sub may well cause more problems than it solves. However, I would think that bass EQ (like that provided by the SMS-1), should prove extremely beneficial to such a set-up.