Subwoofer help needed

I am looking for a sub (or pair of subs) to go with my recently purchased ATC SCM7 v3 speakers.
My total budget is around $1000 right now.
My room is 11’ by 20’.
I have done some research and will be either purchasing or building some bass traps.
I tried out the system with a pro audio sub I use for performing that is just physically far too big for the room and it sounded great although I am sure a sub intended for home/Hi-Fi use would be much better.
This little experiment taught me my room is very “live” and some treatment will be necessary, which is fine.
Do subs with room correction negate the need for room treatment or just flatten the frequency response of the speaker?
I am ok with buying used although used isn’t always a cost effective option with a sub when you factor in shipping.....
I have been looking at Rel, Syzygy and SVS as well as Martin Logan (Dynamo 700 closeout at $399 each?), Kef and Elac.
Thank for reading and any suggestions you may have!
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Used RELs are out there for cheap...I own 2 and they're amazingly good subs that change everything in your rig for the better. Mine are class A/B 150 and 100 watt that blend superbly, and cost 200 bucks each.