Subwoofer for Vintage ADS 200 Speakers?

I have been unable to find even a manual on these speakers to know their frequency response range and what subwoofer to match them to. It is for my bedroom where I will run them on an Onkyo mini system. My budget for a sub is about $200 and it will need to be powered. Suggestions greatly welcomed.
I doubt that speaker goes below 100 HZ. Take a look at the
Parts Express site,they have a few Dayton Audio powered subs
below your $200 budget that should blend nice with the ADS
200. BTW that is a great little speaker.
I am not sure it goes below 100 HZ either. I have not found any specs on the ADS anywhere. It does have a 4" woofer perhaps like the one in the less expensive Minimus 7 rival at the time. The Minimus 7 specs go down to 50 HZ.

Looking strongly at the Martin Logan Dynamo 300 sub. It can be had for $130.
You can't beat that! Go for it!
Just got my hands on a spec sheet for the ADS 200, 300 and 400. The 200 is rated to 85 HZ. Should be fun.