Subwoofer for Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand

I know that there are many subwoofers that can blend well with any speaker.
I was curious if any VA owners have found one type of Brand/model to work better with The Vienna Acoustic Concert Grand series?
REL has often been recommended with Viennas as well as Sonus Fabers. Maybe because of the Sumiko connection over the years but regardless, I believe there are many satisfied owners using this combination.
I use a REL T1 with my VA Bach Grands and couldn't be happier. The T1 is a fast, musical sub that syncs with my Bach Grands very well.
I have to think that most any of the Velodyne DD or Optimus Series would serve you well. Velodyne makes nothing but subwoofers and I think they do it better than any other company.

The DD (Digital Drive) and Optimus subs make use of some very sophisticated room correction software and a calibrated microphone to "listen" to the sub's interaction with the room and your other speakers and then adjusts itself accordingly to virtually eliminate the peaks and nulls caused by standing waves and such.

Read up on these subs and their DSP (digital signal processing) capabilities and I think that you will be very impressed by what Velodyne has achieved....

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Sounds like good advise! Thank you
You need to do some research. I suggest beginning with the DSpeaker processor which has the ability to make almost any sub work with your room and speakers.

In an in home comparison REL were a worst performer. Compared to the other subwoofers their connectivity and setup instructions were simply silly when I tried their Studio III.
I disagree one of the most musical subwoofers I have heard was a REL, the one I heard was very well setup though. I also like the Rhythmik/GR research servo 12. Most of the challenge with a subwoofer though is going to be integration, so I definetly recommend something like the mini DSP or Behringer 2496. Most of the bad subs I have heard in my life have been very poorly setup or way too hot.

The Velodyne is very good as well, most of its strength though comes from its auto setup mic, most smaller audiophile companies can't afford to develop something like that. I heard a huge Velodyne DD sub sound very good in a tiny room.
In HT applications, I agree that there are subwoofers that will go lower than a REL. The OP was asking about one that will perform well with his Viennas. As an owner of both Vienna and REL, I commented that this combo works good for me and many others. I stand by my claim that they are fast and musical subs.

I have a friend who has a Velo DD12 in his install. It si an awesome sub and extremely impressive when it comes to a movie soundtrack. But when we spin an LP or CD, my friend says he prefers my REL. Despite REL's unique connection, when time is taken to properly set one up, the results can be very satisfying.
Make sure you try & check out JL Audio as well.
Less room optimisation than the Velodyne but much better value for money IMO.
I wouldn't be to focused on the room optimisation features of the sub itself. While helpful if you want proper integration you'll really want to look at an active crossover like the Behringer 2496 mentioned above or the Bryston 10B-Sub if budget allows for it.
But all that being said you probably cant go wrong with any of the three brands mentioned. Just keep it out of the corner if possible & dont turn it up too loud, less is more.
["I have a friend who has a Velo DD12 in his install. It si an awesome sub and extremely impressive when it comes to a movie soundtrack. But when we spin an LP or CD, my friend says he prefers my REL."]

Since most systems and rooms are different the inclusion of any subwoofer can have dramatically different results. In my direct comparison using the Studio III, JL Audio F113, and the previous generation Velodyne DD-18, both the JL and the Velodyne clearly outperformed the Studio in ease of setup, output, and were far less detectable while in use.

On its own with only a crossover and gain control the Studio's short dedicated Nutrix cable made the room location, beyond a few short feet, recommended in the two short paragraphs of the REL installation instructions impossible in my room. Using the Velodyne software the audible shortcoming was able to be viewed visually. Using the REL's low level connections via the Velodyne the REL was far better integrated yet still not as undetectable as the other two. This could be a product of the subs down firing design, I'm not sure.

The idea the Velodyne is a subwoofer designed specifically for, "movie soundtrack," says to me little attention was paid to the extensive installation and optimization instructions. I would suggest your friend spend the time it takes [and depending, it can actually take quite a bit but the results are worth the effort] to use the Velodyne Manual Optimization program. I won't even get into the advantages of the remote control.

In the parameters of my direct comparison the common declaration by REL users that their products are musically superior is to me purely subjective. The others that participated in the comparison including the Studio's owner, all agreed the Velodyne and the JL were undetectable until turned off yet provided more low frequency gain.

As I said here in my earlier post most any subwoofer could benefit greatly from DSpeaker, home theater room correction, or other equalization components. I suspect the Studio / DSpeaker would be a favorable combination.
REL sub(s) sound superb w/ the VA speakers!
Thanks for the feed back everyone and the suggestions on types of subs ,equalizers , processors and room correction equipment.
I have been looking into the brand name subwoofers mentioned on this thread. My concern has been focused on proper blend/integration with my speakers.

Will have to look into the equalization components more. Seems like the Bryston 10B-Sub and other related equipment could be very helpful in the blend/intergration process.

I use to have Vandersteens 2WQ sub along with the 2CE. The 2WQ was a great sub and blended perfect with the speakers.
A true audiophile type sub, but it did not blend with my Mozarts do to the set crossover level in the 2wq. I am trying to replicate that blend with the Vienna Acoustics with a sub.
I would just back and buy the new version of the Vandy 2Ce Sig2 with the 2wq , but I find the Viennna acoustic more open sounding and tonally pleasing.

I need to explore the options suggested here with the blend of sub and equalizer/processors equipment. Also , it would be nice to find a place where one could see and hear these combinations demonstrated.

At the same time I might have to explore further up the Vandersteen food chain of speakers to see if any thing sparks my interest.

Thanks again for the advice and information.


a 2nd option would be the Velodyne DD series. Keep us posted.
Happy New Year!
I found this article on subs which was very interesting.
check it out, goes into great detail about correct set-up, placement, crossover etc. well worth a read.
Thanks for the info and feedback! The link for The sound Doctor#2 SUBS supplied by Neuphonix is amazing!
I am always curious what is so darn special about REL subs. Jafant is echoing that message. Advertising really does work, obviously.

Is REL, so darn on the money with putting out a sound? I really would love to know what makes REL so special. I will issue my 'report' in a bit:)
The only problem is now you KNOW that you need (must have) TWO subs AND an active crossover!!