Subwoofer for VA Haydn

How would a Pardigm PDR 10 or 12 subwoofer pair with VA Haydns? The Hyadns need a subwoofer.

Haven't heard the Paradign subs. so cant't comment on their sound or how they'd fare with the Haydns.

For a nice, quick speaker like the Haydn, I should think that a REL (owned by the same parent corp) would do quite nicely. I've got 3 RELs and 2 Velodynes in various set-ups, and both mate well with a variety of speakers be they single or multi-drivers and high or low sensitivity. My preference would be for the REL, as I believe it is quicker and tighter.

REL mates very well with Vienna Acoustics.
Rel has been acquired by Sumiko, the North American distributor of Vienna Acoustics. Since then, Rel subs have been particularly well matched/voiced with VA speakers.
I had a REL Stentor and for less than a third the cost an ACI Titan that I have now sounds just as good. Probably not as easy to set up though. Plus Sumiko sucks for customer service.