Subwoofer for Tidal Amea (like Focal Sopra)

Tidal Amea is a two way bookshelf speaker on stand.

Like most two way 

Any recommendations on sub-woofer  SVS?  REL?  etc.


I don’t have personal experience with SVS or REL, but I know REL has a pretty strong following (but then again so does Bose and Budweiser 😄). Budget is a factor, so it’d be good to know.

D audio.. I have Tidal Contrivance Diacera-SE speakers and use REL 212SE subs x 2 with my system. The sound is fabulous. Call Mr. Hunter at REL … great guy… who will help you with your decision. You can probably use one or 2 of their smaller models. Great subs and the improvement will be significant. 

SVS and REL will provide dramatically different presentations.

If both manufactures offer no cost audition satisfaction return policies your selection would be determined within minutes using the familiarity of your system within your own home.

REL are sub-bass speakers. They begin to roll off much earlier and are down a substantial -6dB clouding the manufacturers rated low frequency response. Offering only two position phase, volume and detent crossover control. In an online brochure the manufacturer claims any further control to be "cheap parlor tricks." Apparently the manufacturer determines their product matching by speaker cost. Accordingly, changing speakers may require a sub-bass speaker change. Check out their list.

SVS entire economical line of subwoofers have a far lower measurable low frequency response. The SVS smart phone controlled application parameters also offers the flexibility to more closely match most any speakers low frequency presentation and your personal taste. Along with three adjustable EQ presets should provide synergy with most any future speaker upgrade.

Distributed Bass Array or Swarm would be another economical consideration. The four driver array all but guarantees the elimination of typical rooms bass modes. By eliminating the timing issues related to single or double front wall or near speaker locations the sensation of the arrays total room lock is an extremely gratifying subwoofer trait making it a serious consideration. Also compatible with most speakers. Good luck with your search.


avatar: Gene Czerwinski

Thank you so much.  It sounds as this will be SVS.  I want to be able to control from phone with an App.