Subwoofer for Focal Utopia Be's.

Hello, I'm looking for recommendations for a subwoofer to integrate into my current system. Basically, I'd like to augment the extreme low end and add a little punch.

In my room, if I move the speakers closer to the wall, they extend lower, but sound too boomy for my taste. Ideally, I want to keep the Focal monitors away from the wall where they image best and supplement the low end with a subwoofer.

Aside from the extreme low bass, I'm very happy with the overall sound of my system and do not wish to change anything else.

My system is as follows:

iMac optical out
Krell DVD Standard coax out
Benchmark DAC1 balanced out
Krell 400xi integrated
Nordost Red Dawn rev2 speaker
Nordost QuattroFil XLR
Nordost Shiva power cords for all
PS Audio P-500 Regenerator
Target 24" steel stands
2-DIY sound absorber panels at first wall reflection

Thank you,
Check out Mark Seaton's Submersive:

Not bad for $2K.

Good luck,

REL B and R series subs should be on your list.

Mainly used in my HT (REL B3) with Vienna Acoustic Haydns and have been
very pleased.The ABC crossover options allows for easy integration with Focal
Be's along with easy hookup (Neutrik Speakon plug 1+ and 2+ connects to
left and right amplifier terminal).

In addition, I experimented with the REL sub-bass system in my two channel
system "The Office" and was amazed of the sound results in a not
to perfect room.
REL Products
I use 2 REL Stadium subs with my Mini Utopias.
I run two JL Audio F113's with my 1037's. You should take a look at the F112 ........
I would also agree with the JL subs, however, I would strongly recommend an electronics upgrade.

The Utopia BE will really benefit from the best in associated equipment they are very revealing. The Krell is a good integrated but in comparison to some of the even better integrated amps or separate components you can get so much more out of these speakers.

I would also say the same thing about the Benchmark great DAC for the price but there are so many even better sources.

So I would look at the system as a whole and make sure that adding a subwoofer will really get you all the way there.
I'll have to take a look at the links. REL is already on my list, but wasn't sure about which model as I haven't had a chance to do much research.

Audiofreak, I completely agree with you about my equipment, however, with my limited budget I made the decision to spend most of it on speakers since they are the most non-linear part of any system. I feel the differences between speakers is greater than between components. For example, to me, it would be harder to blindly pick out one amp or another as opposed to speakers which can sound drastically different.

That being said, I'm really happy with my system and feel I've made the right choices and stayed within my budget, equipment wise. The only "upgrade" I've thought about is moving up to a Parasound JC1/JC2 power/pre, but I'm not ready for that yet and haven't given that much thought.
I'm running a JL Audio F112 sub with my Focal Micro Utopia BE's and I'm really happy with how they integrate. I think you need a fast sub to keep up with the Focal's.
I'll say that Seaton Submersive will beat all the above mentioned subs. That's not my opinion, but that of previous owners of pretty much all of the above subs plus many more. Read up on it and see what I'm talking about. No advertising other than word of mouth but its performance speaks for itself. Enough said.

Thanks for the input. I'll be sure to check out the Seaton subs.

I use a JL Audio F113 with my Focal 1007be's and the results are excellent. Good luck.