Subwoofer for both HT and Stereo

Hi, I am planning to buy a G2 subwoofer and has a couple of questions on connection. I plan to run the G2 for both HT and stereo 2 channel. My HT is through Onkyi TX-NR809 and my stereo is through integrated amp Goldmund Telos 390.5.

Qn: While I understand I can connect the Onkyo subwoofer out to G2's .1LFE input, how do i connect to the Goldmund integrated amp as there is no subwoofer output? With the Neutrik Speakon connector in G2, do I connect the other bare wire ends to the red/white input on my goldmund for my left and right speakers? Does that mean I screw on the bare wire and then connect my speakers' banana plug into the goldmund? That means the goldmund speaker connectors are connected to both the Neutrick Speakon (by bare wire) and the banana plugs on my speaker cables.

Does the Goldmund have something that is called HT Bypass or Home Theater bypass? It's specifically used in situations where you wish to have a multichannel setup with a receiver or HT Preamp and a separate integrated or preamp for 2-channel.

In other setups to do this you bypass the bass management of the units and do the bass management in the subwoofer itself. In such instances, the subwoofer has its own binding posts or input and outputs for balanced and unbalanced connections and you pass the signal into the sub and then out from the sub to the amp that's driving the 2-channels L and Rs. Thus, it's the subwoofer's highpass and low pass filters that handle things.

There should be instructions with your sub on how to do this.
This is how I connect my sub to my parasound Halo pre. I double up on the speaker posts at the pre. The sub sees the same signal that the speakers do. I have variable crossover and gain at the sub. Very happy. Actually stole the sub from the HT for a listening session with my sister, after she found the bass lacking on a previous visit. It never left.
Sorry, correction, double up on the connections at the amp, not the pre. Too many beers while watching the giants win.