Subwoofer for Audio System and H/T System????

Hello My Friends:

I am at the point now in which I am making some plans as to which purchasing decisions I plan to make in 2002, once my finances are allocated (any money left over from paying bills, I usually set it aside, in the hope of continuing to make audio/video purchases in the near and/or distant future), and my tax refund arrives. And the components that are on the shopping list for right now include the following:

(01). Pioneer Elite DV-47A Progressive Scan DVD/Universal Digital Player.
(02). Radio Shack/RCA PRO-LX550/PRO-CS550 Speaker System (x4........ I am going to buy two at a time, and then buy the matching center channel afterwards).

(03). A subwoofer system (which is where you all come in).

The subwoofer that I am interested in right now is made by a company named "Aperion Audio" I am interested in the "SW-8". The "SW-8" model is the smallest model they make in their line of powered subwoofers. It is a VERY small 8" cube that consists of a 8" woofer driver with a same sized passive radiator placed in the right side of the enclosure. It has high level line inputs and outputs, line level inputs and outputs, 2-way binding posts, a "phase" switch" an adjustable crossover, a 150 watt power amplifier, and a detachable power cord. Its ultimate low frequency extension maxes out at 35 Hz. But what I like about this particular sub is that it has a remarkably small footprint, and that it looks like it has that uncanny ability not to call attention upon itself. The enclosure is made out of furniture grade cherry wood. And the price is only $387.00 (check it out at their website). Being that I live in a small one bedroom apartment, I like the fact that this sub seems to have everything going for it. It seems to meet all of my criteria. I like this sub so much, that I am thinking about buying three of them during the course of the year (one for my home theater system to use with my eventual Radio Shack/RCA PRO-LX550/PRO-CS550 speaker system (of only one pair of PRO-LX550's I plan to buy by weeks' end, and then wait until the next time they go on sale, and then get the other pair then, and then the next time, the center channel after that), and then I would like to buy two more and use them in my audio system. I would like to have a stereo pair of them in my living room to even out the bass lines without none of the potential nasties that come with it, and I can have them adjusted so that I can put a nice bass foundation under my KEF Reference 102's without the subs calling attention upon themselves, and that I won't have the subs or the amp working too hard either, which will lastly, will allow me to put the KUBE in the flat position and leave it there permanently, thereby greatly improving the stereo image and the soundstage).

Your opinions (and/or experiences) would be highly appreciated, thanks.


P.S.: Also, you feel the Aperion "SW-8" won't cut it in my system, then I may have consider the REL Q-150E then. But at three times the price of one Aperion Audio SW-8, I may have to consider one or two of them, in which in either case, it's going to take me a little longer to acquire them given their higher prices (but, they are also higher quality pieces).
The REL's are great, the whole line. I use a Q100E for HT and a Storm III in my separate audio system. The Q201E is the smallest (12 inch square). At the $500 and under price point check out the HSU VTF-2.
The HSU VTF-2 made a believer out of me. At what it goes for on the net it's a steal!!!!!