Subwoofer Differences and Choice

I currently have B&W 802N speakers. How much of a difference in musical quality between the following subwoofers and which would you choose and why :

Sunfire Solitaire and Signature (12?

JL Audio F113 or F112?

B&W 825 and 855?

Which subwoofer would you choose?
none, the new rel subs are more musical but might be more money
I have not heard the others, but you cannot go wrong with the JL 113, espcially for music. They are not the deepest of subs, but they can keep up with the mains in terms of speed and truly dissappear.
Look at REL. Peterh
Thanks. I have a 350A Belles amplifier and 120A Belles preamplifier with the 802Ns, if this helps.
Surely VMPS should be considered.
I would take two F112s over a single F113. More even bass response in room, possibility of stereo placement. Also rumor has it that JL employees prefer two F112s as well.
Funds permitting get 2 x JL 113. Better still - throw in a fully discrete 2 channel SVS sub equalizer.
"the following subwoofers and which would you choose and why"

Of your choices, I would select the B&W 855. I know from personal experience how well the ASW 850 integrates with my system. This sub can go really deep and is easy to setup. I have heard many recommendations for the F112 or F113, but have nor heard them.