Subwoofer Crossover Setting with B&W 805S

Has anyone figured out if there is an ideal crossover setting for the Velodyne Optimum 12 built-in crossover when used with a pair of B&W 805S'.

I currently have it set at 80 Hz, and it sounds fine but would appreciate hearing from anyone who has spent time trying to optimize.

Not trying to be ugly but, you have ears, set it where it's ideal to your liking. Ask 10 people that question and you are likely to get 10 different answers. Sorry if my post upsets you, it is certainly not my intention.
I agree with Tp - To me there are basically 2 schools of thought. 1 would be to cross them over high like you are doing to add to what the 805's already can do (which in my opinion is unrealistic bass). The other would be cross them over much lower just to pick up what the 805's can't physically reproduce. I prefer that latter. So which way is correct? Which ever way YOU prefer.
Sorry, but nobody can possibly answer this. Bass is so dependent on the room. Where the bass rolls off with the 805's in your room will be very different than in another room. Then, where you place the sub in that room will make a huge difference as well. So, this question can't be answered. You just have to experiment to find what you think works best.
I had the 805s with a REL T1 subwoofer. I tried different crossover settings and in the end stuck with 80Hz. There is a reason that this is the default with THX and many processors. It is low enough that the bass is non-directional, and high enough to cover the bass region where most speakers are lacking. If you want to tweak then tweak away, otherwise leave it at 80Hz. You'll probably end up doing that anyway.
Buy a Lyngdorf RP-1 and let it tell you what you should be doing, based on the acoustics of your room.
Thanks all. Always good to get confirmation.