Subwoofer Crossover

I am attempting to integrate a Rel Strata III into a dual 2-channel & HT setup. My front speakers are the Aerial 10-T's. The Rel offers a Neutrik connection which enables you to hook up the sub directly from your amplifer and also has a LFE connection to capture the LFE soundtrack on DVD's.

If I use the processor to crossover at 80,(HT) do I set the Rel Crossover at 80 as well? If I use the processor to dictate the crossover point the front speakers must be set to small. Alternatively, If I set the Aerials as Large on processor, it would seem that I could then set the Rel significantly lower than 80 but this is where I am basically clueless.

Basically I guess I am asking that if I am going to set the front speakers as large, what is the crossover point I would want to start with on the Sub. I understand that room dynamics and the remaining components will necessitate some listening and adjusting, however I am trying to get at a viable starting point to begin adjusting from. Any Aerial/Rel owners current settings would also be most appreciated.
Any/All help is appreciated.

The trick to setting up the REL is to get a copy of the "Sneakers" soundtrack and follow the set up guide on either the or website. The idea with the Rel is to have it play the region below your main speakers (mandatory large setting) with no or very little overlap. The overlap is very noticable and will muddy or obscure the bass lines. As low as the 10Ts go, something between A1 and A3 (mid 20s) should be close. (It's going to depend on how your 10Ts are interfacing with the room as well as how the Rel interfaces with the room.) You then have a choice for the line input to use that same xover point or no crossover (LFE input) and let your processor control the xoverpoint. Hopefully, your processor will give you an adjustable crossoverpoint (something in the 40 to 60hz range) as higher frequencies than this sent to the REL sometimes don't let the Rel's strengths show thru. Try it both ways and see what you prefer. Good luck. I like the Strata. AudioWill.