Subwoofer Controls? Dual Volume Setting

I currently own a B&W ASW1000 subwoofer and use it in my home theater as well as for two channel music. The trouble I'm having is that I believe there should be different settings for HT vs. 2 channel music.

For example a perfect subwoofer setting for the Matrix would produce horrible results when listening to most music.

I know the B&W ASW4000 has separate LFE inputs and L/R Line Level inputs governed by separate volume controls for each.
Unfortunately, B&W does not provide this option on ANY of is's other subwoofers.

Does anyone have a fix for this? Is there a subwoofer control device of sorts which has separate inputs and would provide separate volume controls for LFE and L/R?
The fix is buy a "REL" Subwoofer which does exactly what you want. They have separate cable connections; one (loss pass) that goes to your HT receiver/preamp; the other (high pass) connects to your speaker terminals on your audio amplifier. Each connection has a separate volume control, so you can set up HT and Audio separately and forget it. See them at ---- If you care more about music, check out the Stratus III or Storm III, Etc. If you care more about HT, then check out the "Q" models (Q100E, Q201E, etc). Both model lines do a great job with both HT & Audio, just one line more in tune with Audio(ST Models), the other HT (Q's). Happy listening.
It's LOW pass, not loss. (bad typist and proof reader). The "ST" Rel models for audio first are all in the name. STratus, STorm, STadium, STentor, STudio.
Hey Sugarbrie, I listened to REL's and felt they didn't go deep enough for home theater. Subsonics are VERY important in HT. I'm not sure which models I listened to but I know one was dual 10's and they didn't have anything larger. Interestingly enough, these REL's didn't have separate volume controls for LFE and L/R. Perhaps they were of an older model? I can say one thing about the REL's.. They looked nicer than the B&W's.
The REL Q100E has a "Slam" and "Depth" Adjustment for Theater applications. The other models do not. REL is first and foremost an audiophile company according to the designer Richard E. Lord (R.E.L.), so if you tried the ST models, and you obviously care about HT, then your comment is shared by others. HiFi Choice Magazine liked the STratus III, but said it could have been deeper. (The STorm III was their favorite all around Sub). The higher end ST models do go very deep, but not Slamming. The Q100E lists for $999.00
I have separate systems. I have a Q100E for the movie setup, with B&W 600 series speakers and an Onkyo Receiver; and a Storm III in my Audio system which is much more high end.
I checked the REL website and you must have tried an old model. There is not a model with dual 10s and they all seem to have the separate high and low pass inputs and volume controls. I would give them another look. E-Mail Sumiko to see what dealers are near you. (See Rel dealer link).
I have a Stentor II and I think it is rated to 17 hz. It shakes objects off of shelves. I know I am a minority but I have always thought the perfect sub was best for either audio or home theater. I like the realism you get in home theater with an audiophile sub. Boomy bass may make explosions sound better but it is at the cost of clarity.
I have a Velodyne HGS-12 and feel that it works very well for both audiophile and HT music. I have Proceed/Pass/Revel/NBS stuff. I have the sub sourced from the "Sub out" on the Proceed processor, which allows me to choose which channels the sub gets its sound from and what crossover freq to use.
Mg123, does the Velodyne have dual inputs? dual volume controls?
imho, my humble pair of bridged adcom gfa-555's are better than the amplification in *any* powered subs. also, my marchand deluxe xm-9 crossover is better than the x-over in *any* active sub - more transparent *and* more flexible. combine these with subwoofers that don't try to alter the laws of physics (i like my vmps larger subs), and yule end up w/bass as good as yure gonna get, w/o blowing the budget. *real*, deep, textured, tight, accurate, un-distorted, hi-level (if/when ya want it), BASS...

i tried a retail $1500 rel (stratus? storm? - don't recall...), and for music, frankly, it was a joke, imo - one-note thump, & not wery deep, at that. mebbe two wooda worked better, but, then it wooda cost more than my present set-up, which except for one of the amps, was purchased brand-gnu...

My question wasn't "What is the best subwoofer?"
My Question IS, is there a control device which allows
for at least TWO inputs and TWO volume settings that
will work with ANY subwoofer?
i'm confused as to why ewe want two inputs - unless yure using a h-t receiver to drive the subs, & are *also* using an audio-only preamp to drive the subs. if this is the case, i suggest using a marchand x-over, which has flexibility for the wolume-settings, & yust plug/unplug two sets of interconnects.
Thanks Sedond. That is exactly what I am doing. I have a Krell HTS (home theater receiver) and the output goes into the left channel of my B&W sub. I also have a Krell KAV 500i (integrated amplifier) and it's two pre-amp outs go into the right channel through a Y-connector. Trouble is, I believe that Home Theater requires deeper, more powerful and a little louder bass than does two channel audio. I find myself turning the volume on the sub down and up based upon what I am listening to (HT or 2channel). I am looking for something that will take the LFE output of the HT preamp, AND the L/R preamp outputs of the integrated amplifier and allow me to adjust the volume independently. That way, I can have my sub cranked up for Home Theater and perfectly matched to my speakers for 2 channel audio without having to re-calibrate the system every time I switch sources. Plus, I'm hoping to get rid of that Y-connector.

Any more suggestions?
I agree with sugarbie. The REL Strata III is a terrific sub for music and HT. I use it with Nautilus 805's and the dual hookups and controls are fantastic and make for simple matching with your speaker system. You wouldn't be sorry. Probably not as deep (boomy) as more HT oriented subs, but IMHO, not much of a compromise if you want a sub for music too.