subwoofer connection

Have adcom gfa 545 (2 channel amp), preamp tuner,w/speaker selector. I have no LFE out on preamp. Will I need to connect speaker wires from selector to sub, then to all 4 satellites, or would I have any alternative? Any help appreciated. Thank You.
If your sub takes Left & Right line level inputs and you want to run your speakers full range, then you could run preamp outs to the sub and your amp. If your preamp doesn't have a second pair of outputs, then you'll need a pair of Y-splitters.


If your main speakers are not full range, you can insert a crossover between your preamp and amp. In this setup the crossover provides high passed signals to your amp and a low passed signal to your sub.
The LFE content on a dvd is a separate and discrete channel not associated with the right or left front channels. There's no way to hear what's on that channel unless you connect the digital audio out of your player to the digital audio in on some processor either in you preamp or in a stand alone unit (assuming you don't have analog inputs).
What content are you giving you satellites. Is it the same as the rt and lf fronts?

Use your speaker selector switch to route a full range signal to your sub and set the crossover on the sub to what sounds good to you. It may even work ok letting the output to the sub run full range since the sub may not reproduce frequencies much above 500Hz. This only works however if you can simultaneously play at least two of your different speaker outputs at once. I'm not clear on how you have your satellites hooked up.