Subwoofer Confusion

I have a Micromega Tempo 1 integrated amplifier. I am wanting to add a subwoofer. The Micromega has two sets of binding posts. The manual says that they are for bi-wiring. My speakers do not even have the biwiring feature. I was wondering if I could wire up the first set posts to my speakers  (satellite) and the second set of posts go to the speaker-level inputs of the subwoofer. The Micromega does not have any line-level outputs, just speaker level outputs. The subwoofer only has line level inputs and speaker level inputs-no high frequency outputs, for going to a speaker (?satelite). I do not want to destroy my Micromega Tempo by wiring it up wrong. Can anyone offer some technical advice.



From owner's manual online:


"TEMPO 1 and TEMPO 2 provide the ability to biwire your system by providing two sets of speaker outputs... (NOTE Under No circumstances should Tempo should be used to drive two separate sets of loudspeakers)."


I typed it like it was-it has grammar problems.

It will work fine if you connect the speaker level input terminals on your subwoofer to the speaker terminals on your integrated. No additional load is placed on the integrated in doing so. 
if a powered subwoofer, the amp would be sending the second set of signals to the subwoofer amp, not actually to a speaker
REL subs utilizing the "high level" input are listed as 100,000 ohms per sub. I use 2 with a 12wpc tube amp so it's a 50,000 ohm burden on the amp, and the amp doesn't seem to mind as the subs bring 250 watts to the party, and it's always a nice party.
Thanks for the advice.  Everyone (including other forums) was of the same position.  The sub is up and running fine.