Subwoofer Choice

I am in the process of building out my system. I have the end goal in mind, and ticking off the equipment as I get them. I do need some advice in the subwoofer category.

I am currently driving Monitor Audio Silver 500s with a Michi X5 integrated amp (600w @ 4Ohms RMS). This is way overkill for these speakers. But my purchase (coming in August) will be the Focal Sopra No. 3s.

That being said, I am looking also to add a subwoofer and I’ve settled between two (2) REL T/9x’s or one (1) REL S/510. T/9X is $1,249 vs S/510 at $2,749.

There is a REL youtube video from their chief designer comparing (briefly) the two and actually stating that "just because one S/510 costs twice as much as 2 T/9x don’t think you can equate them with 2 vs 1". I paraphrased a bit.

But the below is only 3min long please watch and let me know!

What are your thoughts. Obviously 2 subs are better balanced than 1, I get that. But given the specs here am I better at buying up for the better 10"?

Listening room is carpet, 16’ x 24’. 384sqft. 8ft ceilings. What info did I leave out?



I'm a big fan of REL products. If it's within your price point I'd recommend purchasing a pair of the S/510s. If that's not doable purchase one S/510 now and the second one when you can afford it. 



yes agreed, adding a crossover could possibly be heard. I can only speak of the JL and my system (Mcintosh Revel) I can’t hear a change at all. If you have a very highend system maybe it would be different. The down side is good analog crossovers are expensive. Digital one are fine in theory but I get concerned about the quality of the output stage of these cheap digital units. I mean every time I change interconnects or try some “giant killer” wire it degrades my sound….


I was unable to get smooth bass (measured and heard) running the sub off the preamp crossing under the mains. But using a crossover got my room to +/- 6db in the bass in an afternoon. My bass is pretty flat now with a 6db hole from 64-71hz. I EQed out that dip but thought the EQ hurt the sound quality more than the dip so I just left it. I can’t hear that dip but it shows up on measurements. 

I have one (1) SB SVS 2000Pro about six feet behind me and once you get it set, it’s definitely worth the money. The software is the key.

Ok, the resounding consensus seems to be that SVS is on par if not more deeper and cleaner bass for the money.  I am going to go with Dual SVS SB3000s.  It's within my budget and still cheaper than 1 REL S/510.  Perhaps the REL 10" driver is quicker and better timed, but the SVS's +/-3dB at 18Hz and the fact I can get TWO seems to be a no-brainer.  Especially at $2,099.  

Does it accept high level inputs?  Someone said SVS does, or is that just the Pro series?  I can't seem to find it in the specs.