Subwoofer Cables

Has anyone had any experience using coax cable for the Subs? I was told that it works as well or better than standard speaker cables (for low frequency sound)
Coax cable is cheap. RG6 Satellite cable is better the RG59. Try it and let us know. Thanks!
I have some special subwoofer cable that works very well, I don't have much and I can't get more! It is not flexible at all and a pain to use(very rigid), similar to romex-though much higher quality. It has 4 wires inside its sheath, which has a foil layer around it, very welly built cable. It gives a super sharp, dry snap when bass hits that I have never experienced with any other cable that I have tried before. The dealer I got it from disappeared, with out a trace! No clue what happened to him, but this stuff is great and I only have like 15ft of it, if you want to try it out let send me an email and we can discuss it a little further. Cheers,