Subwoofer cables

Hello Everyone
Recently I purchased JL F110 Subwoofer and now I'm looking
for a subwoofer cables. Which cables would be good for
around $100 - $150. One more thing, in JL manual for
2 channel setup was shown that left channel from amplifier goes to right channel in subwoofer and right to left. Is
that misprint or it doesn't matter since the signal is mono.
Thanks in advance.
Lft to Lft and Rt to RT.
If you are going to use the XLR inputs, I would go with the Mogami Gold.
Please, go to monoprice and you will find a cable as good or better then the high price stuff. I've two subs and I have tried $2K cables and down and nothing sound better then the $12.00 from monoprice.
My pair of ACI Titans work well with cables from Well made and reasonably priced.
I use Audioquest SUB
Can I post a subwoofer cable that is currently posted by me?