subwoofer cables

Looking for recommendations on single ended cables (1.5M) to connect a Mark Levinson 380s pre amp to a Martin Logan Depth subwoofer. The balanced connections on the pre amp are running a pair of Levinson 436 mono blocks, which are hooked up to a pair for Revel Salons I just got.
You may be better off connecting the Depths speaker level input to your amp. This always worked best for me with 2 channel. If you are using LFE out from an AV pre, I just used a Monster M1000 series sub cable. Both are actually for sale.
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Keep an eye open for the Black Mountain Pinnacle Gold.These sell for various prices at AudioGon auction.These make excellent bass cables.The company will provide RCAs in place of XLRs at auction close.
I use a Audioquest Sub-3 XLR-XLR to connect my subwoofer channel on my Cary Cinema 11a to my DD-15. Works well.
I am using a double run of SR Tesla Reference single-ended cables from my VAC pre to my Velo DD-15. Works very well for both movies and 2-channel. Good luck.
Audioquest Sub-3
Hi Vermonter.
If the company that makes the balanced cables connecting your pre to your amps also makes an RCA sub cable, why not get that? When possible, I try to match interconnects.