Subwoofer cable vs Analogue cable

Hi I m confused as to the difference or similiarity between subwoofer cable and analogue interconnect cable. I was told by my dealer sub cable and analogue interconnect is more or less similar yet I noticed that for high end cable like MIT, the most expensive sub cable is not even 5-10% of its most expensive analogue interconnect. Another eg is audioquest sub 3, its highest end subwoofer cable is only going for USD200+ unlike it much more expensive bro like audioquest sky going for USD2000 retail. I believe a lot of us are using analogue cable to diasy chain our subwoofers. I did that for my fathom f113 for HT. Your input is much appreciate to help a confused soul. Happy listening
I've often wondered about this myself.

Since there shouldn't really be any difference in the cable design itself, the only thing I can surmise is that the manufacturer is using cheaper cables and labeling them as subwoofer cables.
Supposedly, subwoofer cables are constructed for low level frequencies and offer a lower noise floor. I can say that at one time I had Nordost SPM interconnects from my power amp to my subwoofer and had a terrible 60hz hum in the subwoofer. After using audioquest Sub X subwoofer cables, the subwoofer was silent!
Just another clever marketing scam - sorta. Actually this is a good applioation for a digital (SPDIF) cable - for instance the VH Audio Pulsar.

Blue Jeans Cable explains the issue well on their site:

...the subwoofer cable has the relatively easy job of carrying a very low-frequency, very low-bandwidth signal. But a subwoofer cable has a critical job to do: keep out hum. Hum can come from ground loops or, often, from EMI (electro-magnetic interference). ...The best defense here is a dense and highly-conductive braid shield.